Ironwork of Yellin

Today, Samuel Yellin’s legacy thrives…not only at the huge iron entry gates of Candoro Marble but at the custom metalwork company that Samuel founded over 100 years ago in Philadelphia, PA. Samuel Yellin Metalworkers Co. continues to produce high-quality, custom work. Samuel Yellin Metalworkers is the name of the company that remains in operation under the direction of Clare Yellin, the granddaughter of Samuel Yellin.

Samuel Yellin crafted the original ironwork at Candoro Marble using the highest of standards in quality and design for his custom forged metalwork. Today, Mr. Yellin’s company continues to produce the same excellence in metalwork. To this day, blacksmiths at the Yellin facility are still custom-forging everything from light fixtures to gates and railings…even furnishings.

Clare Yellin, Samuel’s granddaughter, has done an excellent job keeping the Yellin archives intact. Claire says that her grandfather was keenly aware that he was forging ironwork designs that would one day have historical meaning to future metalworkers. In today’s market, Ironwork stamped “Yellin” holds a great deal of significance to American history. A large amount of photographs and drawings are housed at Samuel Yellin’s company.

The main building Candoro Marble structure showcases Yellin’s work in the main entryway. The Samuel Yellin archives remain in the Yellin family’s collection of archives in Philadelphia, PA. The interior of Candoro Marble now includes marble samples along with specialized marble processing tools, photographs and shop drawings. There is also an exhibit devoted to the work of Albert Milani, the famous marble sculptor of Candoro Marble.

photo by Ed Marcum--main entryway of Candoro Marble featuring the ironwork of Samuel Yellin

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