Enhancing Lives

Locals are enjoying the life drawing courses that are held at Candoro Marble. Today, art and art-related themes are the underpinning for all the creative goings-on at Candoro Marble’s main building. It is a setting that unites the power of art and the beauty of architecture.

Though the outbuildings remain in ruins, they complement the natural setting; then, the main building presides over the estate like the jewel of a crown…a crown that needs further restoration.

Anyone who has an educative spirit will enjoy a visit to Candoro. It is a great place for walking around and taking in the feel and the spirit of the marble craftsmen who once held marble finishing jobs for over five decades. At this point in time, there is considerable support among Knoxville citizens about the future of Candoro Arts and Heritage Center. The goal has been to re-purpose Candoro as a place to enrich the lives of local citizens and reach out to the Knoxville population at large about revitalizing the Vestal neighborhood.

photo by Ed Marcum

Candoro Marble came to public attention about a decade ago when the board decided call attention to the abandoned architectural treasure by hosting a small community celebration entitled “VESTIVAL.” The board understood that the building is striking to visitors not only because it is an historic structure, but because it gives us a view of Knoxville history. The marble processing business that once occupied the building is very real to local residents. The building is very closely tied to the social context of the Vestal neighborhood. The grounds reflect the social and political changes that Vestal has gone through over time.

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